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Granite counters: A smarter, more attractive choice

Granite is formed when its grains are exposed to extreme heat and then cooled slowly. This slow cooling process causes granite's minerals to "grow" together, forming a tight bond. This makes the stone extremely hard and durable. It also causes the stone's surface to polish well and allows it to resist cracking, weathering and heat.

Each piece of granite is formed in different conditions, hence each countertop we produce - including your new counters - is completely unique! You'll enjoy a one-off creation that has its own colors and mineral patterns, making for a truly timeless beauty that'll be yours alone.

Your granite will be unique to your home

While every piece of granite is unique, they can all generally be categorized into different patterns and colors - and there are many amazing, vibrant options available at House of Stone, LLC. From our starry night "Black Pearl" and vibrant "Sapphire Blue" to our warm, earthy brown "Bordeax" or lush "Tropical Green," you'll find a stunning color choice that suits your home.

Available in a myriad of colors

Enjoy an affordable price on your granite countertop. We offer competitive prices!

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