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Marble: Recrystallized, pure beauty

Marble is technically not a conventional stone, but rather a recrystallized form of calcite, which comes from limestone or dolomite. As marble recrystallizes, it leaves behind any fossils or impurities from the original stone, making marble remarkably clear and pure. These properties let light penetrate the stone's surface, creating a beautiful, glowing translucency that plays off its subtle swirling tones.

Contrary to popular belief, marble comes in other colors than simply creamy white! You can choose from House of Stone, LLC's popular "Empress Green," "Rosa Zarci" tan, "Emperador Dark" brown-gold, and many other amazing colors that will complement your decor.

Available in brilliant hues

Choose marble as your countertop surface and you'll never have to replace your countertops for as long as you own your home. Marble is an extremely durable, hard material that polishes well, resists wear, and is proven in its durability by a millennia of ancient structures.

Marble stands the test of time

We buy direct from our manufacturers, and we pass those savings on to you!

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