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Limestone: Warm, natural and inviting

Unlike quartz, marble and granite, limestone is formed by the same material that ocean-dwelling creatures like oysters, mussels, coral and clams use to create their shells and bones. If you've ever seen the subtle luminescence of a beached shell, you know the beauty of limestone already! Now you can enjoy that same soft, warm glow in your home with House of Stone, LLC's limestone installation options.

Limestone is softer than other stones and so it is not generally used for heavy-use areas like countertops. It's also a bit more limited in its color, but the options we offer are brilliant and striking. Limestone thus makes the perfect accent stone for your countertops, trim and bath!

Limestone is a soft, perfect accent

Limestone accepts polish nicely and rather than forming a high-gloss finish, its luminescent surface turns into a warm, glowing matte or satin finish. This further complements your existing glossy hard stone surfaces, creating a perfect dichotomy and varied stonework that excites.

Creates a matte or satin finish

You'll enjoy personalized, professional service with your installation and you'll get professional stone care information, too!

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