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Quartz Quartz Quartz

Quartz: Strong, durable, beautiful countertops

Quartz is the hardest nonprecious stone on the planet, offering your countertops unmatched durability, and resistance to heat and scratches. Quartz is formed in rigid hexagonal or trigonal shapes, creating an extremely tough mineral that also provides prismatic shine and beauty.

Our Quartzmaster countertops are constructed of 93% natural quartz

and 7% resin. Resin is one of the toughest man-made materials on Earth, complementing the natural strength of quartz to create a countertop that provides both form and function like no other hard surface can.

Quartzmaster: Natural stone, perfected

Our Quartzmaster countertops comprise natural stone but are constructed by hand, hence you'll enjoy unmatched consistency, perfect coloration and patterning, with a confident lifetime warranty! House of Stone, LLC's quartz countertops are also affordable, but inspire elegance and a minimalist finish - making them the best value in stonework.

Consistency and a lifetime warranty

Our attention to detail, guaranteed quality care and customer service mean you'll get a perfect installation, every time!

With easy access, we're conveniently located in Chester, our showrooms are just a short drive away!

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